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The Belly Band Holster with Ankle Holster  from FlePew lets you concealed carry in ultimate comfort and safety. Get Your Bundle & Save More 20%.


At FlePew Defense, we’re passionate about concealed carry. That’s why we design contemporary accessories to work with our safe and comfortable holsters. You deserve the best protection, and we’re here to equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to be confident everywhere you go.


Never before seen designs give you quick access to your firearm. From leg holster to belly band holster , you’ll be in concealed carry heaven.


When you’re carrying a firearm, safety trumps everything. Our expert engineers have ensured that your security hasn’t been sacrificed for style.


Seriously love this thing. Versatile, and super comfy. If I’m wearing multiple layers I wear it over my first layer for easier access, but even when worn on bare skin it is so comfortable. It stays in place and its so convenient not having to worry when using the restroom like a waistband holster. This makes concealing a million times easier and ever since I got this I carry nearly everywhere I go. I’d say it’s a must have, especially for women who have a harder time concealing. 

Anna Cantu
Absolutely love this holster. I have been in law enforcement for over 15 years. Never found a product I loved as much and actually stayed in place. Plus you can’t beat the price. The band does get hot around my waist when it’s 90+ degrees outside but I will take it over a pants holster anyday. This one stays in place even when I do some gymnastics or jumping fences. It’s a must have.
Melissa Zukowski